Custom Wood Plantation Shutters in Garner, NC

Improving your home can be as simple as adding in a new window treatment, particularly when that window treatment is high quality wood plantation shutters. And, when it comes to securing custom wood plantation shutters, Garner, NC homeowners need look no further than Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds. We are proud to offer incredibly well-made shutters and the custom, expert installation.

Incredible Durability

In Garner, NC, custom wood plantation shutters are a popular choice, and for good reason. These shutters are built to last. Unlike with mass produced shutters, our careful installation ensures you get a great fit. Furthermore, our shutters come with an excellent warranty and are built to stand up to sunlight, moisture, and more with proper care.

Improved Comfort

Custom plantation shutters can make your home more comfortable. They are efficient insulators, keeping outside air outside and inside air inside, exactly where it belongs. Thus, not only can you enjoy a more comfortable home year-round, but you can also see decreased heating and cooling costs, making our shutters a great investment.

Increased Control

Our custom interior window shutters also give you increased control over the light level in your home. A tight seal up against your window frame ensures that light doesn’t leak in when you don’t want it to. Of course, you can open your shutters when you feel like a little sunlight, but the choice of how much light to allow inside is always yours. Furthermore, you can control the exact look and style of your shutters, especially if you take advantage of our in-home or virtual design consultations.

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Give your Garner, NC home the great new set of custom wood plantation shutters. To learn more about our various options or to start your journey toward a better, more beautiful home today, don’t hesitate to contact us