Custom Wood Plantation Shutters In Raleigh, NC

Windows are one of the most prominent features in your home, so they should be decorated to fit your style and decor.

Regardless of the size, shape or style of your windows, Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds proudly offers custom wood plantation shutters that Raleigh, NC homeowners can adjust for a perfect match.

This type of window treatment will give your home a one of a kind look and resist time like no other. Made from locally grown, harvested, and re-planted wood from the forests in North Carolina and manufactured at our Clayton factory, we provide the thickest and sturdiest shutters in the market that’re built to last a lifetime.  

Custom Made To Match Any Room Or Space

Because we’re experts in what we do, we understand that every window and space is unique, so their shutters should be too. Thanks to our custom wood plantation shutters, Raleigh, NC homeowners can feel certain that they’ll have a one of a kind product that perfectly complements the existing decor of their home.

By selecting one of our many signature styles, such as mortise hinges, beaded-trim, rabbeted stiles and more, you’ll be able to add a classic southern touch to every space. You’ll be creating a classic and elegant atmosphere that adds value to your home, all while providing top protection from the summer heat and sun, and effective heat insulation during the winter.

Adding plantation shutters allows for better control over the lightning and ventilation of a room, easier to clean than other alternatives, and provides privacy and security.

Contact Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds today and select your own style of custom wood plantation shutters for your Raleigh, NC home. We will incorporate our craftsmen mentality to every step of the process to create something that matches perfectly to what you want and need.