Eco-Friendly Shutters in Garner, NC

There are many reasons to go down the eco-friendly path, even when it comes to your home’s decoration. When you make this choice, not only are you doing the planet and all of its inhabitants a favor, but it can actually help you save money in the long run.

At Southern Accent Shutters, we are committed to helping you keep your carbon emissions as low as possible, while also protecting your budget by offering eco-friendly shutters in Garner, NC and the surrounding areas. 

Make Your Home Greener With Our Eco-Friendly Shutters

Making your home greener comes down to choosing window coverings that are long-lasting and efficient. Customers choosing our eco-friendly shutters in Garner, NC do so with the certainty that, regardless of the materials they choose out of our catalog - real or faux wood ,- they can last up to 20 years, provide tremendous insulating properties, and all come with a Green Guard certification, meaning lower emission levels are guaranteed. 

Wood and PVC shutters also require much less maintenance than fabric curtains or other types of window coverings, meaning fewer chemicals, water, and resources are used to keep them looking nice and clean throughout their lifespans.

Our shutters’ tremendous insulating properties mean that the need for heating during the winter or A/C during the summer is greatly reduced. They’ll keep your interiors cooler during the warmer months and insulate them from colder temperatures as well, which keeps your carbon emissions low. 

Plus, by choosing a local supplier, such as Southern Accent Shutters, fewer resources are needed to transport materials and finished shutters, as they are all custom made in our Clayton, NC plant. Our poplar wood even comes straight from the Appalachian Forest Boundary, a US Forest Service certified renewable resource. 

All around, it’s easy to see that our shutters are the most environmentally-friendly choice available.

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Our environmental approach is something we take very seriously. If you feel the same, give us a call today to learn more about our eco-friendly shutters and how they can be a part of your Garner, NC home.