Faux Wood Blinds in Garner, NC

Installing a beautiful set of blinds at home isn’t simply a way to just cover your windows, but can also serve to add class and style to any room. At Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, we apply our craftsmanship into everything we do, creating beautiful and long lasting blinds and shutters to satisfy any taste. 

When considering to install faux wood blinds in your Garner, NC home, think about all of the options of shades, colors, and designs we are able to provide. We will work alongside you in a way that helps you achieve the ideal look you’ve been dreaming of. 

Why Choose Faux Wood Blind

So, why would you choose faux wood if you could have real wood instead? The reason comes down to these being a more budget friendly, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. 

When you decide to install faux wood blind in your Garner, NC home, you’re choosing a product that can last a lifetime. Made out of vinyl or PVC materials, faux wood can endure any type of cleaning product while also resisting warping, cracking and fading. 

Their synthetic materials make them perfect to resist extreme heat and humidity, so they can easily be installed in the kitchen or bathroom with less risk of damage, while also being very easy to clean, with most household cleaning products. 

Also, since our craftsman’s is present in all of the products we manufacture, our faux wood blinds will look as beautiful and elegant as real wood, at a more affordable price. 

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Ready to upgrade your home decor with a new set of faux wood blinds? Garner, NC residents can contact us anytime. Our blinds are Greenguard certified and made in the USA, meaning you will get all of the benefits of purchasing local and eco-friendly products when choosing us. 

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