Garage Shutters in Smithfield, NC

Installing garage shutters in your Smithfield, NC home or business can be a wonderful way to add appeal and curb value to it. 

At Southern Accent Shutters we are glad to provide you with the solution you’ve been looking for, offering tremendously affordable prices and great quality shutters. 

Why Choose Southern Accent Shutters

Adding a set of garage shutters to your Smithfield, NC home or business can provide a beautiful look, while also offering protection and isolation to anywhere in your home or business. 

Coming at almost half the price of our regular shutters, this line of products is an extremely budget friendly one, given that they’re built with wood with indentions or scratches, which serves to add a touch of character, while at the same time looking just like premium plantation shutters from a street view. 

At Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, we are craftsmen and build each of our shutters with a high level of quality. We manufacture them locally, at our Clayton plant, using poplar wood from the Appalachian Forest Boundary, meaning our products are both eco-friendly and USA made.

When choosing us as you can rest assured you’re getting a great price, as we cut out the middleman and transfer all savings to you without sacrificing quality. We stand behind each of our products and have over decades of experience in the industry. 

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Give us a call today and learn all you need to know about building and installing garage shutters in your Smithfield, NC home or business. We will be glad to help you realize your vision and design the perfect set of garage shutters to fit your needs and style. Contact us today.