Custom Interior Shutters for Your Smithfield, NC Home

When it comes to custom interior shutters, Smithfield, NC residents often choose this option due to its stately, stylish appeal. However, when you buy your shutters from Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, you get much more than just great looks. Our high-quality shutters are designed to improve your home and your life in a multitude of ways.

Our interior shutters come in a variety of types:

Sound Insulation

For those in Smithfield, NC, interior shutters can serve as a nice, effective buffer between their home and the world outside.

Whether you have noisy neighbors, live on a busy street, or are just sensitive to sound, you’ll appreciate the fact that our shutters offer insulation against noise. Live a quiet life, and keep your inside noise from extending to the outside world with our shutter solutions.

Control and Protection

Thanks to our intricately-designed louvers, which you can customize to the size of your choosing, your indoor shutters can be precisely adjusted to determine exactly how much light you allow into your home at a given time. This not only helps you to better control the comfort level of your home, but also the temperature. Thus, your home can be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which can save you money on energy costs.

Furthermore, being able to allow less sunlight into the home helps protect your furnishings, carpeting, and your family. Thus, when you invest in our shutters, you invest in yourself and in your home’s future.

Custom Installation

Many companies sell indoor window shutters, but then leave it to you to install them yourself or to hire another company to do so. Unfortunately, this is often a recipe for disaster.

Perfectly installing shutters takes knowledge and expertise, and a poor installation job can keep you from fully enjoying your shutters or the benefits they should provide.

Here at Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, however, we proudly offer custom, professional installation. Not only do you get the highest-quality shutters when you shop with us, but you also protect them and yourself with expert installation.

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We’ll gladly go over the different options with you, answer your questions, and ensure you feel confident in us and our commitment to you before adding our shutters to your Smithfield, NC home.