Poly Plantation Shutters In Garner, NC

Furnishing your home with plantation shutters adds value and instant elegance to any space. At Southern Accent Shutters, we specialize in creating these for our customers all throughout the North Carolina area. 

When staying on a budget, our poly plantation shutters can be the right fit. They are built from a solid polyurethane synthetic material, making them more durable, maintenance-free and energy-efficient than regular wood shutters, all while providing the elegant style you’re expecting. 

Southern Accent Shutters helps you find the precise poly plantation shutters for your Garner, NC home. 

Wood Plantation Shutters vs. Poly Plantation Shutters

Custom shutters can be a big investment in your home, so deciding between wood or poly plantation shutters comes down to budgets and personal preferences alone. 

The greatest advantage of installing poly plantation shutters in your Garner, NC home comes down to the price tag, as this material saves more money than wooden shutters. But that’s not all, poly plantation shutters are moisture resistant, which becomes an added benefit if you’re looking to install them in an area that is prone to moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

In terms of durability, poly shutters also take the lead, as they are sturdy and nearly impossible to break, chip or damage, while their special paint finish ensures they never lose their color. 

Poly shutters are able to block up to 70% more of harmful UV Rays and sunlight, keeping your home interiors cool and your energy bills low. 

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When deciding whether to install wood or poly plantation shutters in your Garner, NC home, the best first step is giving us a call. Our craftsmen will be able to guide you in the right direction depending on the use and look you want to attain. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and we’ll gladly visit your home and talk to you one-on-one to discover what best adjusts to your style and needs.