Cellular Shades in Garner, NC

Are you looking for the perfect shades for your home? If so, Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds has you covered! We are proud to offer cellular shades Garner, NC residents can rely on. Not only are our cellular shades, plantation shades and other shades high quality, but we also offer custom installation services for a perfect fit every time. Plus, these shades provide unique benefits you won’t get with any other window treatment.

Enjoy Quiet

In Garner, NC, cellular shades are a popular choice for those who like their peace and quiet. In Garner it can be surprisingly noisy, even on residential streets. Fortunately, though, our cellular shades are thick and insulated enough to block out excess noise. Whether you have neighbors who blast music, live on a busy street, or just want to keep things as quiet as possible, our cellular shades are for you!

Choose Your Light Level

The best cellular shades are those that are customized to fit your unique needs and preferences. We understand that, which is why we offer a range of options. These include:

  • Sheer shades
  • Semi-sheer shades
  • Semi-opaque shades
  • Blackout shades

Whether you want to completely block out all light, allow in low levels of light, or let in the sunshine, we have solutions to suit you.

Cut the Costs

No matter which of our custom cellular shades you choose, you can enjoy reduced energy costs. That’s because our cellular shades are designed to be excellent insulators. They keep your inside air inside and the outdoor air outside, exactly where it belongs! This keeps your home more comfortable and could cut your energy costs significantly.

Contact Us

As you can see, cellular shades can offer a range of benefits for your Garner, NC home. If you’re interested in learning more, want to make a purchase, or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you at every stop on your journey to quality window treatments.