Shutter Installation

Custom Shutter Installation in Raleigh, NC

At Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, we are experts in custom plantation shutter installation. Located near the Research Triangle Park area, we custom design all of our shutters by hand in our Clayton, NC warehouse and install them in your home, office, or business.

Critical Components of Shutter Installation

Perhaps the most important part of custom shutter installation is making sure that the shutter is measured correctly and properly mounted. When mounting a shutter, there are many factors to consider:

  • Depth of the window itself
  • Preserving the tilt function of the window
  • Dealing with out-of-square windows
  • Allowing the screen to be removed (newer homes may have a window screen restraint lip which allows for the screen to only be removed from the inside)
  • And more

Key Terms Used in Shutter Installation

What are 'out-of-square' windows?

The term, ‘out-of-square’ refers to measurements that are not equal or at right angles. Despite appearing to be the exact same size, old and new homes alike have variances from window to window. The trim carpenter’s custom work in framing the window can cause the window measurements to vary slightly. Framing or actual “house settling” can also influence window dimensions and cause variance.

What Is an L Frame?

Our L frame looks like a fine piece of custom trim and does not stick or stand out, but rather houses the shutter in an attractive casing.

L Frames are the best solution in most cases, and they preserve all tilt functions and screen access to allow cleaning and servicing of the windows.

L Frames are the best solution when there is not sufficient window depth for an inside mount, or when the window is out of square. This solution most effectively prevents light gaps from detracting from the shutter’s beauty and function.

What is a hanging strip?

A hanging strip is an inside mount solution on a window with proper depth. The strips cover window variances and block light.

What is a Stedman hinge?

A Stedman hinge is only suitable for a deeply recessed window that is true and without variances, This solution does not use mounting strips or a frame, yet it mounts inside. The shutter hinges directly to the window structure and allows the window to tilt in.

Buy direct from the factory

At Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, we manufacture the highest quality, custom plantation shutters! When you buy from us, the middleman is cut out, which allows us to pass the savings on to you and offer the best price. We have been building beautiful plantation shutters under the same name since 1998 and offer a free lifetime warranty! We don't cut any corners and have the best fit and finish. Come see for yourself and take the factory tour! Along with our shutters, we also sell high quality blinds and shades at great prices.


For more information on these or any other things associated with custom shutter installation, contact Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds today by giving us a call at 919-934-4050.