Plantation Shutter Models

Our Diffent Plantation Shutters

Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds sources premium wood plantation shutters made with only top quality materials from sustainable replanted poplar forests. Our Solid Composite Shutters are made for extruded materials that resist fading and warping. Our poly shutters are a great solution for the budget minded customer. They provide a great look, feel and 25 year warranty. We install all of our shutters with precision and quality so that you end up with a product that will truly last.

Browse the types of plantation shutters that we offer, and contact us when you’re ready to place your custom order. We look forward to helping you improve the overall look and style of your beautiful home!

Shutter Models

We carry a full line of custom shutters for all of your windows and doors as well. We specialize in hard to fit windows with our eco-friendly products that are made from sustainable hardwoods in durable and long-lasting materials. Our indoor plantation shutters can be customized to fit arches, circles and ovals in your specialty windows. We offer cafe shutters for windows that don’t get as much light and heat gain in them and we also offer you three different louver sizes to fit your style. You can have beautiful shutters to add a classic warmth and charm to your spaces in any paint or stain color you wish.


They are the perfect solution for historic homes or homes what want that cottage look. We can customize the cafes to allow as much or as little light into your home.


They are the perfect solution for arched windows, circle windows, or oval windows, and they can be customized to allow as much or as little light into your home.


The wood for our beautiful, eco-friendly plantation shutters comes from the Appalachian Hardwood Forest Boundary, a renewable and growing resource!


The louvers in a plantation shutter are the horizontal slats which can be opened to let light in or closed to provide privacy.

Eco-Friendly Shutters

Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds now also offers environmentally friendly plantation shutters.

Our “Go Green” shutters are made from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods, and our manufacturer uses non-toxic, water based paint and stains, making them perfect for your green Raleigh home. Environmental matters are now taken into consideration in most homes, so stay ahead of the game with “green” shutters will help reduce your energy bills without harming the environment.


When customers buy plantation shutters from Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, they know they’re buying an American-made, quality product. All of our plantation shutters are built to last a lifetime, and we stand by each and every one of our products. We can custom match any color to go with the existing décor in your home. The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking a color!


Mortised hinges, rabbeted stiles, beaded trim and bi-directional louver closing are just a few of the signatures of our finest custom product. They are simply beautiful and add a classic southern touch to the décor in any home! Choose between 2 ½, 3 ½ or 4 ½ inch louvers to fit your style.


We also offer custom-made louvers—the slanted, horizontal slats on shutters—that can help you better regulate the light and air circulation in your home. We offer them in different sizes and varieties to help you create the perfect look and feel for your space. You can read more about our louvers here.


We also provide design consultations and custom installation to ensure a great experience and a perfect fit. Even better yet, we offer great financing options to make paying for your shutters and blinds more convenient.

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We pride ourselves in being the premier window treatment company in Raleigh and surrounding areas and offer you quality products at reasonable prices. We have a 100% guarantee on our products and make the process easy for you from your initial FREE in-home or in-business consultation, throughout the production and we include professional installation as well.
As the owners of Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, both Russ and Molly are 100% involved in the entire process with hands on experience to make your purchase as easy as possible for you. They and their experienced staff are there with you and in touch every step of the way for your convenience.

We encourage you to watch our videos showing our products that are expertly made with the highest standards and quality materials.

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At Southern Accent Shutters and Blinds, we provide the highest quality plantation shutters for your North Carolina home. Along with shutters, we also sell high quality blinds and shades at great prices.

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